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Binary Money Machine Review 2015 - Is Binary Money Machine SCAM Or LEGIT? The Kraken Trading Software Best Binary Options Trading System. The Truth About Binary Money Machine By Josh Bacon Review

Binary Money Machine Review 2015 - Discover the Truth about Binary Money Machine in this Binary Money Machine review! So Exactly what is Binary Money Machine Software all about? Does Binary Money Machine Actually Work? Is Binary Money Machine Software application scam or does it really work?
To discover answers to these questions continue reading my in depth and truthful Binary Money Machine Review below.
Binary Money Machine Description:
Name: Binary Money Machine - The Kraken Trading Software
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Exactly what is Binary Money Machine ?
Binary Money Machine is essentially a binary options trading software that is
developed to assistance traders win and forecast the market trends with binary options. The software likewise provides evaluations of the market conditions so that traders can know what should be your next step. It gives
various secret methods that ultimately helps. traders without utilizing any complex trading indicators or follow
Binary Money Machine Binary Options Trading Technique
Base the Binary Money Machine trading technique. After you see it working, you can start to
execute your strategy with regular sized lots. This strategy will
certainly pay off with time. Every Forex binary options trader must pick an account type that is in accordance with their
needs and expectations. A larger account does not suggest a larger revenue potential so it is an excellent concept to start small and gradually add to
your account as your returns increase based upon the trading choices you make.
Binary Options Trading
To assist you trade binary options effectively, it is important to have an understanding behind the fundamentals of Binary Options Trading. Currency Trading, or forex, is based on the viewed value of two currencies pairs to one another, and is influenced by the political stability of the country, inflation and interest rates to name a few things. Keep this in mind as you trade and find
out more about binary options to maximize your learning experience.
Binary Money Machine Summary
In summary, there are some obvious concepts that have actually been tested
with time, in addition to some newer techniques. that you might not have thought about. Hopefully, as long as you follow
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An Introduction to Git and GitHub

What Is Git?
Git is what is known as an open-source version control system which means that it records files over a period of time and these changes can be recalled at a later date. You can do a lot with Git whether it can be branching (creating something that is different from the master branch (the one you would most likely be working on)) or just committing to a repository (programming jargon simply calls it a repo).
What Is Git Article - A more in-depth article concerning Git (Do not be alarmed at the fact it uses BitBucket)

What Is GitHub?
While there are multiple different cloud-based version control systems on the web, GitHub remains to be one of the most popular and it is free too! It can be found here: GitHub

Basic Setup
Depending on what OS (operating system) you have the setup might be slightly different.
Linux (Will specifically be on a Debian system ie Ubuntu)
Go to your terminal and type these commands (keep in mind these will be using the root preference)
sudo apt update This will essentially update your system.
sudo apt install git This will install Git on the system.
git --version This is used to verify its downloaded.
Will also be in the terminal
ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
brew doctor Will installs an application known as Homebrew which helps simplifies the installation of software on Mac systems.
brew install git Will install Git on your system
Navigate to Git-SCM: Git SCM Download
Git SCM will download protocol but also a BASH, a command line
(Sidenote: I would personally recommend learning the command line as it is a lot more powerful and if you understand the command line you would also understand the GUI. One GUI based version control systems is GitKraken)

Basic/ Most Used Bash Commands (Keep in mind there are several modifiers for each command)
ls - lists the folders and files in the working directory (the current directory you are in)
cd - changes directory
pwd- used to find the path for the current directory
mkdir- make a directory
touch - update the access and or modification date of a file or directory without opening, saving or closing the file.
cat - print files to stdout
mv - moves files and folders
cp - copies files or folders
rm - remove files and folder (look into modifiers for this one)
chmod - Change mode so you can set permissions for read, write and execute for the user, members of your group and others. (Binary can be used for this)
man - can be used to look up any commands ie man cd

Using GitBash/Terminal to Access GitHub
  1. Configure Git via git config --global "[name]" and git config --global "[email address]"
  2. Navigate to your working directory (Keep in mind you cannot just cd to the directory, you have to work your way to it, so I personally keep a folder called Programming in my home directory)
  3. Initialize a Git Repo via git init
Now, this is where you can branch-of, you have two options, pushing a new repo or pushing a preexistent repo.
Pushing a New Repo
  1. Commit your repo via git commit -m "first commit"
  2. Remote add your repo via git remote add origin
  3. Push to your repo via git push -u origin master
For Pushing an Existing Repo
  1. Remote add your repo via git remote add origin
  2. Push to your repo via git push -u origin master
Now that you have your repo set up, these are some helpful commands:
git status Used to check what has changed ie additions and deletions
git add Used to add files to commit if used with a period (.) it adds all of the files
git commit -m "message" Use to commit changed, but it is on the local system, the -m can be changed to things such as -u which is an update but it is recommended to keep with an -m
git push Used to push changes to GitHub
git reset Can be used after commit to reset the commits (Good if you accidentally add a file you did not want)
git pull Can be used to pull from any git repo, leave the URL out if your updating your current repo

The .gitignore file is useful for stopping certain files from committing automatically. It should automatically be in a repo when you create a project. To use it just cd to the directory where the file you want to exclude is and use pwd to find the directory pathing. Then copy the path into the file, it should look like a text file, and then add the name of the file you want to exclude.
Example: UseJun/Programming/src/

Branching in Git (For advanced user)
Branching is useful when many people are working on the same project or when you have multiple versions of the same project. The major advantage of branching is when you want to add a feature without compromising the integrity of the master branch.
Branching Commands
git branch [branch-name] Used to create a new branch
git checkout [branch-name] Used to switch branches
git merge [branch] Used to merge branch commits (usually people use this with a branch and the master)
git branch -d [branch-name] Used to delete a branch

For more information consult the Git Documentation here. Feel free to message me.
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Odyssey Movie Playlist Project - King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard


What is this claptrap?
A movie/playlist I created after getting a little too deep into the Gizzverse theory. Let this stand as a monument to my folly - I don't think the Gizzverse is a cohesive, narrative thing, but what I did manage to do was create a very nice, flowing playlist that follows a narrative, using the clues, lyrical links and musical motifs presented by the band to take us on a vast, mystical journey throughout the Universe.
If you're on this page, you've either come from my YouTube Videos, been sent here via myself dropping you a link, or stumbled upon this post after clicking my profile. Either way, welcome.
The Odyssey project consists of 5 movies, entirely soundtracked by the incredible music of King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. Movie might be the wrong word to describe what is going on here, however, as the playlist came first, with the visual content added later - inspired by the stories, themes, vibes and voodoo put forward by the boys. Where the band have released a clip for a given song, I've used it, and they are scattered throughout the project like golden nuggets of hilarity and, more often than not, lo-fi psychedelic insanity. Where the work was up to me, I've tried very hard to match the mood and theme of the song in question, covering a diverse mix of visual content, all of which comes with a healthy sprinkling of my own brand of psychedelia.
So, you have two options to dig into this glorious mess.
Here you can find the Odyssey Project Download Links (via Google Drive), a folder hosted online with the files ready to be grabbed and owned forever. This is the best option by far, provided you have the space and bandwidth to download the admittedly large files.
The other option is to scroll below, and click the links one by one. This will open the movie for a streaming 'preview', essentially YouTube, which, whilst convenient, the quality suffers from compression and is unable to be loaded into a playlist etc, since it's coming straight from Google Drive.
Book 1 - Failures of Humanity and the Rise of the Altered Beast (1:28:53)
Book 2 - The Open Door, The Battle Of Gods, and the Rats of Mars (1:26:12)
Book 3 - Microtonal Hellscape and Han Tyumi's Vomitverse (1:07:50)
Book 4 - Crumbling Castles, Dream-escapes, and the Fall of Polygondwanaland (1:19:13)
Book 5 - The Altered Plan of the Consciousness Can (1:26:34)
If the book names above mean nothing to you, or you want to dig in a little more into the whys and hows and whens of what I've done, and what this narrative could possibly be, keep scrolling. I've written up a paragraph or so to explain the core concepts of each book, which may help or confuse. Either way,

Book 1 - Failures of Humanity and the Rise of the Altered Beast
(9.33gb, 1:28:53 runtime, mainly PMDB/Mind Fuzz/MotU content)
The failures of humanity are mounting, pressing, and inevitable, given the human races' lack of desire to embrace anything but the status quo. We slip into our extinction with barely a pause or whimper, willingly ignorant of the issues we face - social, environmental, and, it turns out, existential... The Altered Beast rises as a consequence of an Altered world, marking the start of a new era, where humanity can no longer ignore the damage we have done, or the bleak future we face.
The Failures of Humanity
Beginner's Luck - "...The Beginners Luck, now don't mess it up..."
Sense -"It's in vogue, to be feckless, when it comes to the mother taking care of us. I know it's so conventional, but it don't make no sense at all. But in fact, it's a pattern, everything I hear will always make me ashen..."
Bone -"...If Heaven is a place I know, I won't be taking my bones..."
Paper Mache Dream Balloon - "...Are you eluding, that I'm brooding? Moping around on my own. Stuck in a daydream, under a moonbeam, head on my pillow at home..."
NGRI -"I've awoken from my slumber, I was dreaming 'bout a flood, covered in my blood. Now my pits are getting sweaty, it's a sign I have to go, back to where I know..."
Empty - "Empty. Life is nothing like it used to be, feeling so empty..."
Hot Water - "...Echoes ending, Whispers trending, Heat is coming, everybody's stranded in..."
Bitter Boogie - "...I wouldn't like to say I didn't warn ya'..."
Slow Jam 1 - "...And when it feels like coming on, Boy it makes it hard to talk, for me..."
Satan Speeds Up - "...And when I stop to think of all that we've done, Satan's at the door..."
Her and I |Slow Jam 2| - "It wouldn't hurt to give you more, of my love. The sun shone through into a wave of thought..."
Billabong Valley -"...Bloodthirsty tendancies, Mad Dog Morgan. He never gave a warning..."
Anoxia -"...We waste no time, leaving in light, a different sun bakes the breeze tonight. My mind wanders, alone..."
Am I In Heaven? - "Got ideas in my brain about the end of the world that I won't even say. When all the bricks that built our brain have been turned into sand by the eternal wave. Oh, if we save her, we'll live on a star. Mother nature made everybody else so far..."
Paper Mache - Instrumental
The Rise of the Altered Beast
A New World - "As soon as the dust settles, you can see, a new world in place of where the old one had been. Your skin is crawling with dry, crusted mud, and your naked feet are wet in a pool of blood..."
Altered Beast I - "...He came from underneath, I met an Altered Beast..."
Alter Me I -"...For all it's revulsion, and warp, and taboo, a part of you wants to be Altered, too..."
Altered Beast II - "...What harm could a mere mortal like you do? I am the Golden Wolf, and you are caribou..."
Alter Me II - "...Your dumb human head is filled with naivete; your impending fate is to be one with me..."
Altered Beast III - "...Hair on my skin, and I'm feeling beastly, Feel it trickle in, a new life in me... ...I see you, and I can see right through, I see you, and I will take you to my Altered world..."
Alter Me III - "Altered Beast, Alter Me!"
Altered Beast IV - "...The sole thing that will make your void obsolete, is to find someone new, some sapid fresh meat... ...I think I see, an Altered Beast, Inside Me! I am an Altered Beast!"
Mr Beat - "...Happy days seem so absurd, lightning that's unlikely heard, Nova sunshine while I nap, making all my dreams so sad..."
Evil Death Roll - "...The night is young - full of sin, time to slither away again, You can see our history hanging on a Knife, so let's start killing things. 'Cos you started everything. And let's start severing limbs..."
Life/Death - "Are you you? Are you me? Or someone inbetween? You lost track inside the labyrinthine. You lost your will, and your sanity; you certainly lost your humanity. In life, you have taken much more than your worth, now it's your turn to give back to the earth. May you return to the ground and ossify, it's time for you to die, die, die."

Book 2 - The Open Door, The Battle Of Gods, and the Rats of Mars
(8.88gb, 1:26:12 runtime, mainly Nonagon/Mind Fuzz/MotU/ITRN content)
Powers beyond our current understanding battle for supremacy in this era of decline. But before we are ready to understand the forces that are, that be, we must understand the power that is - The power of the Nonagon. Wild and bizarre and infinite, the Door to this realm is opened, and from Hell the demons pour forth. First among the new rulers of a ruined world is the Lightning Lord, supreme in power and arrogance, and his battle with the Hell-sent Balrog is wrecking and disastrous. From the rubble climbs forth brave human survivors; keen to make amends and tell their story, keener still to exact vengeance on the remnant of the precursors who bought forth this folly.
The Open Door
Some Context - Instrumental
Invisible Face - "...I climb up the stalk and plant the bean, the Universe is a machine, that has awoken from a dream..."
Wah Wah - "...I can feel the earth is moving, underneath my hoofed foots earthing. Fire protrudes from whence I'm pointing, fading every jewel..."
Road Train - "...Across the desert to the trees, Obliteration of the place, From the fire to the sea, Nonagon Infinity is coming!"
Gamma Knife - "...Milk and Honey for my body, come on through the door, see; It's your unborn self..."
People-Vultures -"...People Vultures, God approaches, final hearing, disappearing, tainted voodoo, headless guru, final head-spin, what else have I got left to spew down?"
Some Context |redux| - Instrumental
The Battle Of Gods
The Reticent Raconteur - "...Every time I think of the poor lot I recall, the fear upon their faces and the doomed fate of them all. I saw Death become of Light, and Life become of Fire..."
The Lord of Lightning - "...Floating Fire, Golden Wire, Silver Trails, Flashing Spire... ...And from the Lord's electric snare, one goes in His electric chair... ...Then the figure sprung up and at once it caught alight, and the creature known as Balrog was born that very night..."
I'm In Your Mind - "...Everybody's lazy 'cause they're fried, 'cause everybody's sucking on fluoride, when I'm in your mind, then I'm in your mind..."
I'm Not In Your Mind - Instrumental
Cellophane - "...You can colour everything you see, it's so strange..."
I'm In Your Mind Fuzz - "...And everybody's filing into line, 'cause everybody's sucking on fluoride, when I'm in your mind..."
The Balrog - "...You caused a massive rift, you made the atom split, and it came screaming through, here to bite the head off you!"
Trapdoor - "...And everybody goes to great lengths, for sure, to hide themselves away, and keep the beast at bay..."
The Great Chain Of Being - "...I usurp the precious stones, I have come to take the throne, I transcend the natural flesh, I will lay your God to rest..."
Floating Fire - "...Vehement Lightning quake, Head begins to ache, Lord has thunder snake, Balrog he will break... ...Lord of lightning safe, pulls a golden stake and launches into space, and mutters to the beast one word... Lightning!"
The Acrid Corpse - "...Leaving us, not without a final clap of light, the Lightning Lord escapes as day fades into moonless night..."
The Rats Of Mars
Planet B - "...Snowflakes blanket old deserts, outskirts disperse, earth is a blank verse, last hearse, dry nurse... Open your eyes and see, there is no Planet B.."
Mars For The Rich - "...Mars for the privileged, Earth for the poor, Mars terraforming slowly, Earth has been deformed..."
Organ Farmer - "...Farm colossal, wake the fossil, in the fields of beef!"
Superbug - "Superbug in my blood..."
Venusian 1 - "...Oh, we're going to the second planet from the sun, oh, our ship can deliver us from our ruin..."
Perihelion - "...Solar mountain comes on the perihelion, no rerouting only countin' till we're done, Shoutin' sins until we're in the sun..."
Venusian 2 - "In the lap of the gods, the last one did explode, in a blaze all fiery. I sit in the cockpit, it may be a sinking ship, but fortune favours bravery..."
Self Immolate - "I have gone insane-o, I lust for volcano, be with molten lava, give me my nirvana..."
Hell - "Here I was thinking I'd die, I see a thousand flies and wings and tails and spines. Nausea-less, resoluteness near the entrance, Satan points me to the Rats Nest..."

Book 3 - Microtonal Hellscape and Han Tyumi's Vomitverse
(7.41gb, 1:07:50 runtime, mainly FMB/MotU/Gumboot content)
The vast bulk of humanity is dead, dying, or somewhere between. The Earth is ruined beyond repair, a blasted wasteland where nothing will grow, and nothing can survive. Hear now tales of the poor souls who are last to call this place home. As the final drips of humanity fall from the tap, one last soul remains behind, only to finally take his place in the Digital Black at a cost beyond belief; The Universe itself.
Microtonal Hellscape
Greenhouse Heat Death - "...My house is fried, all life has died, My house was blue, beautiful too..."
Flying Microtonal Banana - Instrumental - Dawn on an empty planet
Rattlesnake - "...I'm the serpent, Devil's servant, time to meet your end..."
Melting - "...Conflagrated and cremated when the world is consummated, devastated populated world of isolated mortal folk..."
Open Water - "...The Kraken's got the best of me this time..."
Sleep Drifter - "...Please no-one wake me, when I'm sleep drifting..."
Barefoot Desert -"...Never think ahead, unprepared, barefoot desert, come on in if you dare to my capsule of stress."
Han Tyumi's Vomitverse
Welcome to an Altered Future - "...Augmented entities, Unremembered God, the world fades to black. Welcome to an Altered Future."
Digital Black - "...I am the word of the last human, illusion, confusion, last human..."
Han Tyumi The Confused Cyborg - "...Born, if you may call it that, in a world that is dense and black. Created without a desire to draw breath. Without a desire to have being. Without a yearning of just to be. I'd like my desire back, my life back, my soul back, my humanity... ...I am bereft of two human things, two things that a cyborg can never do, two things that I strive for, two things between myself and mankind; Death, and to Vomit..."
Soy Protein Munt Machine - "So I built a machine, a Human machine, I made it with steel and soy protein. Born from a test tube, and into a vat, to live and to heave, and to die, just like that."
Robot Stop - "...My body works I know, It's just the same I know, my only difference is robot influence... Upload me to the robot brain, I'm the drudge that goes again and again..."
Big Fig Wasp - "...Did your God know insects grow in my pome...?"
Vomit Coffin - "...So I took over my creation, the spew coated protein, I plugged myself in and became one with machine..."
Murder of the Universe - "The spatter becomes a spray, and the spray becomes a stream... ...Inside my body the pressure is too great, and like some ancient geyser I erupt... ...Vomit bomb; chunky shrapnel tears through everything around me; I am vomit vomiting, I grow and disperse... ...I integrate. I am double, triple, I am ten times the size... ...I am a noxious soup filling valleys with vomit-torrents. Castles Crumble in landslides and I munch the rubble... ...Ten thousand times bigger, I seep into power sockets and travel along the wires at the speed of light across vast electric networks.... ...One million; I am supercharged flaming puke storming every cell, molecule and atom I can find - I am cancer... ...One billion, I am Saturn's rings, I am Jupiter's storms... ...One Trillion. The Stars are my cells, racing faster outwards, upwards, downwars, inwards... ...I shoot arrows of time in all directions... ...Nonillion, the Cosmic Microtone background becomes transparent; like rising damp, munt soaks into the walls of the cosmos and it topples like soggy bread. I am dark energy accelerating, Multiverse entanglement, I am time. Centillion, time is sick, critical density, contraction, singularity, everything and nothing, life and death....Murder of the Universe."
Doom City - "...Spark in firmament, Doom City sky opens up. He disorients everyone's lives with his breath; Charged with particles, Doom City air rips me up..."
Nuclear Fusion - "...Ocean like a moat fortification, separating me from restoration, my spirit leaves my body in frustration, flying through the world in radiation. The devils inside all the detail..."

Book 4 - Crumbling Castles, Dream-escapes, and the Fall of Polygondwanaland
(8.77gb, 1:19:13 runtime, mainly Poly/Quarters/Gumboot content)
In a land at the end of time, the remnant of a remnant cling to life, only for their bastion to be taken under by the vomitwave as Han Tyumi's destruction reaches even here. As the Castle Crumbles, the pilgrims flee, down The River into the dream, to arrive at Polygondwanaland; A place of power and mystery. Plots thicken, conspiracies abound, and a new hero emerges, only to be cast down as the inevitable machinations of Han Tyumi creep into the land beyond.
Crumbling Castles
Crumbling Castle - "Meet me, glassy eyed, blind and divine. Hold down the the fort on the coastline. The castle is a pimple on the face of our orb, A humble spot for clues to drop if you eavesdrop. I see through the bricks, to the see, crumbling castle. Waters' rising up, thick and green, crumbling castle. Inching closer each century, crumbling castle. Are we safe in our citadel..."
Polygondwanaland - "...We're gonna get there, we don't need a whereabouts. We're gonna get there, follow where the river runs.. We're gonna get there, Polygondwanaland..."
Castle in the Air |intro| - "The River opened her mouth and spat into a vast sea, larger and bluer than a cloudless sky. Muscular, prodigious, immortal. But our vessel was invulnerable; It was well built. The boat rocked me to sleep and I floated through a deep dream - smooth sailing through the castle in the air..."
The Dream-escape
The River - "...Once you're where I led, it will be clear what I have said. Float without a home; The River flows like another long road. I can't believe it, it is frozen. It's not the first time, I had noticed. She will deliver, I am floating, trust in the river I had floated down..."
Muddy Water - "...Give me over to the River, my place that loves me - Gum leaves and tea trees, the river is immortal. I'm parched, I'll cark, the salty spray arrests..."
Sleeping In - "...I know within my body, I need to locate the switch hidden in me which will turn me off..."
Last Oasis - "...Dreamin' takes my mind away, it suffocates my brain airwaves. Optical illusion, sheet of water, heat perfusion, search the corners... ...the last oasis is like a flag beating in the wind. The world has wasted and the squandered lands are companionless. The last oasis shines a beacon like a lighthouse over lonely countries of death, like a black sea..."
Lonely Steel Sheet Flyer - "....My lonely wings are ready to fly, the ocean is breathing between you and I, my lonely wings don't make it right, wrapped in a steel sheet, and ready to fly..."
The Fall of Polygondwanaland
Castle in the Air |outro| - "...Could it be faithful? It couldn't seem more real. As I opened my eyes the dream decolourised until it was obscured, and the harsh reality hit me like salty water..."
Deserted Dunes Welcome Weary Feet - "Deserted dunes welcome weary feet... ...Nervous natives watch pompous pilgrims, foreign nature, Polygondwanaland...
Inner Cell - "Anemic rule, now hear me say our time has come, transcending us above the one, to ego death. For now, he sits inside the fire, oblivious that we will keep Him in the spire, have found resolve and our own crimes to commit in cold blood, as he did his...."
Loyalty - "...This is a test, I am Lord, fear my wrath. This is a test, I am Lord, I am death..."
Horology - "...Just like that the plot was crushed, brushed away without a thought. Some were found alive though, left to roam without their skin... One did make a pilgrimage in search of a family evaporated in the dark, stolen by the despot. A journey made all the worse having had his eyes gouged; he left without the gift of sight to face his true destroyer... ...Sit down weary traveler, I am that what you seek..."
Tetrachromacy - "...The story man was glassy-eyed. He told me about the power lines, and in subarctic caribou eyes, the metal wires burst into life..."
Searching - "Doctor please, I'll do anything, Alter me, let me see, give me more. I want to see the world differently..."
The Fourth Colour -"I believe the hyperbole, I see the fourth colour. I am born again, I see the light, it's in my face. I am analyzing information now that I am a God..."
Superposition - "Superposition, real world wisdom, everything is moving to the beauty of this system. Total question; fearless reason. We; One; I: Many: Superposition..."
All Is Known - "Burn their meat, sweep the streets, bind their hands unto their feet and digitize, cut the eyes from the King and augment to the fourth cone...All is known..."
|Fourth Colour Redux| - Instrumental - Han Tyumi says Hello.

Book 5 - The Altered Plan of the Consciousness Can
(9.56gb, 1:26:34 runtime, mainly Sketches/FFF/Gumboot content)
Cyboogie. Han Tyumi. Who am I? Am I alive? Was it all a dream? Passing on the memory to the only humans remaining, The Reticent Raconteur and The Tetrochromat, the Vomitverse plans are unveiled, before Han-Boogie begins lamentations of the Old World, calling out the Failures in an effort to prevent them repeating in his Altered Plan. But intrusive thoughts keep calling - is this real, real? How much of what has transpired has been by his own hand? And the power of the Nonagon Infinity makes him wonder if it's all about to come back around again...
The Altered Plan of the Consciousness Can
Cyboogie - "...Cyboogie, lump in his throat, palpitations and nausea ensue, Cyboogie's chorophobia, terminal error vascular tissue. So Cyboogie's fishing for fishies, Red-bellied trout in a binary brook. How is it that he is depressed? The humans have pierced through his cheek with a hook..."
Boogieman Sam - "...Causing mayhem, cause he's Boogieman Sam..."
Down The Sink - "...Down the sink, back and forth, follow the stream, the city is bleak forget all your dreams. Down you'll go..."
Sketches Pt1 - Intrumental
Countdown - "...When it all falls away, clothes start to fray, buildings decay, rabble remain. Where they were green, sterility. Humanity, staring at me..."
D-Day - "...11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1..."
Tezeta - "If I've been insane my whole life, well now I've changed into something that see's. I love the feeling, shape shifting ceiling; my mental projection is pink... ...Everything that lives and dies is a hologram, nothing is as real as that... ...Do you remember now? What? Yes I do? This; my Altered Plan..."
Cranes Planes Migraines - Instrumental
The Spider and Me -"Let me just introduce you to my friend, under a tree, spider and me..."
The Bird Song - "To a bird, what's a plane? A shiny flying elephant..."
Plastic Boogie -"...Fuck all of that plastic, wrapped up in my dinner. It's not fantastic, it's gonna come and kill us. It's gonna be massive. It's gonna be brutal; Death will come from plastic. Death will come from people..."
The Cruel Millenial - "...Can't relate face to face with modern day youth. Outdated, the post-millennial will get you..."
Real's Not Real - "...What in the world is going on, here? Your past is built upon your fear, and happy is what you'll never be. I'm afraid that you're lacking some free will, Your real's not real..."
This Thing - "...I hide my riches in embarrassing sheets that reek of suspicious happenings, 'Cause I'm a different person and that will make you sick; There's no stopping what this is..."
Acarine - "...Buried deep inside of me....Acarine..."
The Wheel - "...Shivering pilgrims climb the steeper path to the idealistic reaper. Destroying all that will keep us headed for a better thesis..."
Sketches Pt2 - Instrumental
Dusk to Dawn on Lygon St -"...Black lines bend round a cityscape while trailing off in the sunsets wake. I can foresee that dawn will bring the light, as the sun gives way to night..."
The Book - "God gave me a sign; he put it in my glass of wine. A great theophany, he told me every sinner had to die..."
A Journey to |s|hell - Instrumental
Rolling Stoned - Instrumental
You Can Be Your Silhouette - "...When all the ticking stops dead, you may find your time instead, and you can be your silhouette..."
Sketches Pt3 - Instrumental
Fishing For Fishies - "Oh your heart's a hook. Ego tied in knots, baiting fate. Don't do it, you ain't a god; Don't hurt salmon, carp, or cod... ...Fishing for fishies, don't make them feel happy, or me neither, I feel so sorry for fishies.... I have been fishing and I don't want to catch none, I've let them swum..."
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Dota IMBA 7.19g (plus Spring Cleaning 2020 Part 1)

So...this was originally meant to just be a bug-fix patch, but Valve dropped Patch 7.25 on the day that I expected to put this up. Not wanting to delay any of those changes for two or more weeks, I took most of the day to hastily shove in many of the vanilla changes, so this ends up being a standard balance patch, with a LOT of bug-fixes...
As fixing bugs inadvertently results in other bugs emerging (especially with a bunch of new stuff being added), I encourage players to continue reporting any discrepancies they run into. The Discord has a #spring_cleaning_bugs channel where these reports are consolidated and quickly addressed, so feel free to stop by and let us know how we can continue to improve the game.
As mentioned, this patch implements a majority of the standard Patch 7.25 changes. More "personalized" changes are still scheduled for Dota IMBA 7.20.


Neutral Items


Bounty Hunter

Shuriken Toss

Chaos Knight

Reality Rift


Death Pact

Dark Seer



Bad Juju

Earth Spirit


Elder Titan


Ember Spirit

Searing Chains


Black Hole


Phantom's Embrace


Flak Cannon
Call Down


Blade Dance








God's Rebuke


Sacred Arrow

Nature's Prophet

Wrath of Nature

Night Stalker



Flesh Heap


Nether Ward
Life Drain

Queen of Pain

Shadow Strike
Sonic Wave

Sand King

Caustic Finale






Shadow Step

Spirit Breaker



Templar Assassin

Psionic Projection


Fury Swipes

Vengeful Spirit

Magic Missile


Soul Assumption


Shadow Word



Witch Doctor

Paralzying Cask
Death Ward


Abyssal Blade


Boots of Travel

Boots of Travel (Level 2)


Crimson Guard


Ethereal Blade

Force Staff

Hurricane Pike

Iron Talon

Kaya and Sange

Necronomicon Series


Nullifier EX

Pipe of Insight

Poor Man's Shield

Silver Edge


Veil of Discord

Yasha and Kaya

Bugfixes / Miscellaneous

Minor Patch for Wednesday, March 18th, 2020

Bugfixes / Miscellaneous

  • Ember Spirit: Rough fix for Fire Remnant charges being inconsistent when manipulating having Aghanim's Scepter in inventory
  • Eul's Scepter of Divinity: Fixed both versions having separate cooldowns
  • Gyrocopter: Fixed Call Down cooldown not being updated as per patch notes
  • Nullifier: Fixed both versions having separate cooldowns
Minor Patch #2 for Wednesday, March 18th, 2020

Bugfixes / Miscellaneous

  • Centaur Warrunner: Minor improvements to Hoof Stomp's Gladiators' Pit logic
  • Centaur Warrunner: Fixed Retaliate's damage return not being affected by spell amplification
  • Centaur Warrunner: Fixed Retaliate being able to get charge stacks while the damage buff is active
  • Centaur Warrunner: Retaliate's Remnants of Return now sources the strength bonus from the modifier owner instead of the aura owner
  • Centaur Warrunner: Fixed Retaliate's Bulging Hide using a custom block system instead of the standard (and potentially not working)
  • Centaur Warrunner: Fixed Level 10 Talent "+100% Double Edge Shake It Off" not working, instead increasing Retaliate's Remnants of Return strength percentage by 1%
  • Centaur Warrunner: Level 25 Talent "Retaliate Upgrade" no longer triggers Bulging Hide from spell damage
  • Satanic: Attempted fix for lifesteal unocassionally not working
  • Tidehunter: Fixed Kraken Shell's Aqueous Leviathan not immediately updating health values due to strength changes
  • Tidehunter: Fixed Level 15 Talent "-25% Anchor Smash Damage Reduction" not showing on client-side
submitted by Altivu to dotaimba [link] [comments]

Derivatives (futures/swaps/options) at one site: ContractMarketCap

Derivatives (futures/swaps/options) at one site: ContractMarketCap
We are launching world's first crypto derivatives market data portal - like coinmarketcap but only strong focused for derivatives. All from top exchanges, such as Huobi, OKEx, Binance, Kraken have derivatives, up to 10 projects launched as dedicated derivative exchanges. And yes, BitMEX ist'n the biggest market, only closes top-3.
Now we have 100% market coverage. Products: Futures - vanilla, inverse, quanto, perpetual, Swap and Options (European, binary etc., coming soon). Also, we can provide market data API (~ETA Q1'2020).
  • 16 exchange connected
  • 174 products
  • 122 indices for mark-to-market and settlement
  • Top coin markets: BTC, ETH, Ripple, ETC, LTC, EOS, BNB, BCH, BSV, TRX
  • Exotic - 3 tradable wide market indices at Delta.Exchange (available soon)
  • 24h trading volume: 22B$(BTC domination: 80%)
  • Open Interest: 11.2B$ (BTC:30%)
For shortly example:
BTC derivatives market
Looks interesting? Yours feedback? What we can do to be the better?
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Live Q&A 22 [Readers Digest]

Hello fellow redditors,

caught quite by surprise Sub_Octavian organized a Live QnA. And judging by the number of comments ... I got some work ahead of me. As always, the "Q" provides a link to the comment chain of the adjacent question. Starting web radio. Let's go:


Q: Could we get a % damage dealt stat in the postbattle screen? Or maybe in-match as well? And the API as well of course ;)
A: It's in our backlog, and thanks for the reminder. I will refresh the discussion in the team :)

Q: Now that IJN AA was further nerfed with the CV/AA Overhaul, can Atago finally get her missing AA, as well as an updated superstructure to match her actual hull?
A: Missing AA? Atago plane kills score is surpassed by only Baltimore, Cleveland, Kutuzov and Wichita, and only by 1-1,4 frags on average, while all other combat stats are absolutely decent. Pre-rework she was roughly in the same spot, and I don't recall her being strongest AA ship on T8. Sorry, there is no justification for buffs at the moment. As for model improvements, we normally do this for older models from time to time, if there are better references and free resources. If there is room for improvement, she will get them some day.

Q: Will WoWs ever get the same treatment WoT did in regards to graphics, performance, and optimization?
A: I think I commented on it a few times. We do not plan to make any complete and total tech overhaul in one huge updates. We do incremental changes. Some FX improvements here, sound improvements there, x64 client there, etc, etc. For now, there is no plan to change it approach. We will update visual, tech and under the hood part from time to time. Your question is valid and good, but for the future, I want to clarify: WoT and WoWS are different teams, studios and even before WoT engine changed, our common engine versions were very different. There is almost zero point in connecting this games from this point of view.

Q: Given the feedback from the testing, what is your opinion of the concept of the Pobeda/Slava? A lot of people don't seem to like a ship that promotes a very passive, sniping playstyle.
A: It's a WIP ship; pretty soon her testing will be stopped, then feedback and data will be studied and then GD will decide what to do with her for then next test stage. With most obvious options being: to continue with the same concept, but change it to be bettemore balanced/better perceived or to try different concept.
Speaking about my personal opinion. I've been hearing "it promotes passive playstyle" all the time, about everything, for years. Anything people don't like, they slap this "passive gameplay" marker on. In reality, it usually does not affect anything a lot. Campers continue to camp, pushers push. But this time I actually 100% agree with your evaluation. It is a true glass sniper cannon. Yamato and Montana can be very good at long range, too, but unlike Slava, they are not useless in CQC and can push.

Q: What is the status on the gun fire bloom change?
A: Same, in dev queue. Unfortunately, it's a game logic component, so it's in the same bin with, like, Priority sector rework or CV autopilot improvements. We will get there, but we're not ready to increase the priority of this feature to emergency (aka drop everything else and do it ASAP), because, at the time all this gun bloom changes were happening, it was obvious (after several weeks) that the impact is really low. For sure, there IS impact, in some particular cases it can be a game changer, and no denying that we're bringing this back as we promised. But right now, other things are just more important and cover much more players. TLDR - Work in progress, sorry for taking so long, will be done as promised.

Q: Are there any plans to adjust the German battleships?, there are multiple different small changes that could be implemented to make them relevant again. They are fun ships but simply not working in the current meta.
A: I cannot back the opinion that German BB are "not working". If we look at different stats, German BB are in the middle of the group on each tier in terms of WR. They may not have stellar absolute avg. damage, but they're contributing to the team success well enough. Their popularity is also very high, even with all other options which are in the game.
There are a few additional factors, though:
  1. Meta changes indeed, and so does feelings and gameplay experience. I am not arguing that German BB gameplay may feel different, most likely, it does (for me personally - no, but again, I appreciate other opinions).
  2. There are quite a few strong premium/coal/freeXP BB on almost every tier, and a lot of skilled players stick to them. E.g Missouri, Musashi and JB are very solid, very popular, and a lot of good players use them for farm regularly. When such ships are in the group, other ships can feel weaker.
All in all, we're not opposed to improve German BB experience while staying within balance. Right now RU BB are being introduced, and they occupy the same slot of CQC BB. Let's see how their stats settle, how they shake down with German BB and then we will address this question one more time. If there is room for improvements, I don't see any single reason not to give them love. Also, I'm a fan of secondary build BBs, can be sure I will be the first to vouch for that :)

Q: Is WG happy with the effect that CV has on Tier 8 matchmaking? T8 ships are helpless against T10 aircraft, and T8 aircraft are helpless against T10 AA. This is punishing for surface ships and CV alike when being bottom tier in a T8 boat is bad enough already.
A: T8 vs T10 MM situation is roughly the same regardless of the class. As stated before, some global MM improvements are being worked on, and no CV-specific changes are currently planned. We want to improve the experience for T8 in general, for all classes.

Q: Could we ever get a soft-cap for only 1 CV per match like you did for T10 but for all tiers or was it the intention from the start to have at least 2 CVs in a match? Maybe a slightly changed cap for 1 minute or so instead of 3. Bottom tier in a double CV game feel really frustrating, not to say about the amount of spotting they can do.
A: We're not against soft cap for 1 CV on T8 in the same way it's implemented for T10. The problem is T8 CV popularity. We update the data from time to time, and overall, when it becomes viable, we will strongly consider doing this cap. Right now it's not going to work, and I actually did a long post about it here:

Q: What happend to Viribus Unitis, Yahagi and Leone?
A: I mean some ships are just being put aside for some time, until there is a good moment to release them. It's fine, not all WIP content is scheduled to be release immediately after testing.

Q: Are there any plans to update the Gearing’s model? Currently, it’s proportionally wrong and quite a bit wider than it should be (it should have the same width as a Sumner like the Yueyang).
A: We will update old models from time to time, as we recently did with Yamato.

Q: Do you think AP bomb mechanic in general (not just Graf which is already being tested) needs to be changed and explained better as well? Currently its behavior is too extreme and difficult to predict imo. It either deals 15-25k citadel damage which is super frustrating to the receiving side or deals 2-3k overpen damage which is meh from the CV player view. There is also no baseline stat to compare the penetration number of each kind of AP bombs either, unlike HE bombs which is a fixed number.
A: No. We're quite happy with the current base mechanic, and think that it has good skill / reward ratio. What we're concerned about is AP alpha strike potential on some CV, especially while the general playerbase progresses in terms of skill and learns how to use this armament properly. So there may be some, most likely minor, tweaks in future. But the base concept itself, in our opinion, works well.

Q: Is WG happy with the amount of spotting and the more and more reduced value of concealment in the game?
Same question, only longer:
In the days of old with few/no CVs/RadaHydro concealment was very very powerful and a tool that good players could use to play with for interesting and often tense results.
A: Hello,
CV related part:
Not entirely.
That may not be obvious, but the planned 0.8.4 changes, which, basically, affect the squadron speed WILL influence spotting. And for us, these changes are targeted at dpm and spotting equally. The takeoff delay will affect initial spotting, which we do consider a problem as well.
We cannot promise that it will be enough, but:
  1. I can absolutely confirm that in any case, there is new meta, where there IS more spotting overall. We do not consider it a bad thing.
  2. While working on this issue further, we will try hard to use tweaks, not reworking the mechanic. Which means that options like "CV only spots for itself" and "CV spotting has delay like Radar" are not viable for us at the moment, and we will consider them only if absolutely necessary (everything else won't work).
Overall spotting part:
Not entirely.
All factors combined, we are concerned about spotting in the game. We're fine with meta changing, but would like to keep it soft, when possible. Right now we're concentrated on CV part, as obviously CV rework had big and immediate effect, when we're fully happy with it, we will look at everything else.

Q: Can you give us a penetration value of AP bombs? It's really interesting to know. Thanks.
Hosho (Type 99 25 Mod1): 174
Ruyjo (Type 3 25 Mod1 Mk4): 228
Shokaku (Type 2 50 Mark1): 262
Hakuryu (Type 2 80 Mk5 Mod1): 351
Enterprise (M62): 244
GZ (PD 500): 334 (pre buff)
These should be the base values. Please take this into account:
  1. Penetration capability is always the same, it's not affected by anything.
  2. However, bombs interact with effective armor, so angle matters and they even can bounce.
  3. They have normalization. It's base value is bigger than AP shells, but it's applied non-linearly; if the angle is bad, even great normalization won't help.
  4. Aircraft angle and speed affect bomb speed and trajectory (but bombs do not loose penetration from speed!). Which means that for maximum penetration capabilities we must make the drop as close to 90 degrees as possible -> dropping early. For soft targets it may make sense to drop lately because, as with AP shells, for soft targets you don't want overpens and increasing effective armor turns into a benefit.

Q: Are there any plans to add a german coal or steel ship to the armory in the near future?
A: There are always plans to add ships of all nations and all tiers to the game for all currencies. But in Q&A, we do not make such announcements, sorry. The only thing I can say there are some cool German ships planned for the foreseeable future and I look forward to them myself :-) But that's true for other game nations as well.

Q: Has there been any thought given toward allowing 19 pt captains to further specialize in skills(picked by the player) much the same way the special coal/doubloon captains do now? To clarify I mean skills, not special traits that activate when certain conditions are met.
A: Captains "meta" is something we may want to update in the future, but from all "meta" things at the moment, we have higher priorities.

Q: Are there any plans to address the (imho) imbalance between the volume of almost non-stop damage over time ships have to deal with since the CV rework and the very limited (few heals and repair parties with long cooldowns) possibilities a player has to counter DOT damage, given the fact that surface ships can not disengage against a CV like they could against any surface ship (stop shooting to reduce spotting range, take cover, move away) ?
A: Overall CV balancing and AA improvements will affect his anyways. Less plane speed + better AA counterplay = less strikes = less hits = less damage, including DoT. It does not make any sense to do your proposed change until 0.8.4 and further planned changes are made and do their impact.
Also, their damage structure is not so DoT-reliant as you may think. Torps have very nerfed flooding chance, rockets are not stellar either. T10 CV atm have roughly 6% of flooding and 13,5% of fires in their damage structure, and that's the highest value of the class. T10 cruisers do 21% in fires alone.

Q: Regarding AA, would you consider the outcome of this clip to be working as intended? It’s a 20 second clip, just an Atlanta with DFAA vs Tier 6 torpedo bombers.Without giving too much away, would the future planned changes to AA change this interaction in a meaningful way?
A: We're happy with Atlanta herself. From all non CV ships in the game, Atlanta avg plane kills are surpassed only by Minotaur,Worcester and a couple of USN BB. Relatively to the game, Atlanta has an amazing AA.
However, we're not entirely happy about CV-AA interaction globally, especially in regards to priority sector. We want the combination of AA ship/build + skillful priority sector usage to have noticeably more impact on ship's AA defence, and that's what we're working on right now.

Q: Are there any plans on making secondaries more viable as a build?
We now have a pair of US ships that show that a good build can be fun but that's about it. ManSecs is a waste of 4 points for 99% of ships. Between a T9 BB having 5km guns and the Vanguard having the wrong ones it seems to be an area that's been mostly overlooked.
A: Yes. But it is not simple. I doubt we will make significant changes with current settings, and new secondary mechanics obviously will be a long term project, given other things being worked on. I can say this: we want to do something cool with secondaries, but there is no final decision what and when yet. At the moment we do not treat " secondaries being a fun alternative for just a couple of ship lines " an emergency. It is an area of the game we will eventually revisit, along with many others.

Q: I have a question regarding Catapult Fighter consumables. As of now, they seem rather slow to actually attack enemy aircrafts, and also, the full squadron is depleted even when they shoot down a nearly used-up squadron consisting of, say, 2 aircrafts. Is WG happy with the current efficiency of Catapult fighters? Any tweaks to make players feel more protected when using the consumable?
A: Yes, we're happy with the efficiency of this consumable. It does what it was meant to - inflicts losses on enemy squadron or, in some cases, creates area denial. It's more efficient when launched with good timing, it's less efficient when launched late. It's more efficient if CV plays aggressively, it's less efficient if CV plays carefully. TBH, we're fine with its state right now, and our nearest efforts to improve AA protection will be targeted at priority sector mechanic, not at fighters.

Q: What is WG's opinion on presence of skill gap between players in current reworked CVs? I have personally seen fails in current CVs worse than anything I have ever encountered in old CVs.
A: The presence of skill gap is not a problem (good players should be rewarded, bad players should be punished), the question is in the "width" of this gap, and it's effect on the game: on player's personal performance and on the team. Pre rework CV were very different in this aspect from everybody else. And in this aspect, with all data we have, we don't have any doubts that new CV are much much better than old CV.

Q: While I understand specific changes to a module and/or system would be reserved for the Dev Blog, can you update us on the plans for the system as a whole? Approximate timing of the change?
The number of new T10 ships is continually increasing thus the inventory of ships with and without Legendary Modules grows. Would premium ships ever have a Legendary Module opportunity? What about CV’s?
A: That's not about getting in trouble :) As I've hinted a few times, we're at the design stage. It may be completely new system, or complementing system or just "keep these mods and do more of them". Right now there is truly no answer, and the decision is in the process.

Q: Any chance for a setting to disable the in-game chat (apart from system messages like consumable use and the wheel messages)?
A: It's being discussed right now actually, as there are quite a few requests to do it from the players. We will let you know when the decision is made, of course.

Q: Right now CVs feel very removed from the gameplayloop. A lot of the time as a surface player i feel like just a target / NPC for the damage race between the two CVs. This is made worse by there being basically no interaction between CVs. Fighters are buggy as hell and usually just cancel each other out.
  1. We want to add more counterplay, as stated several times in thisn QnA. Please check out my replies about Priority sector.
  2. Fighter cancelling each other is exactly what we want. If you have a fighter ready you can try to cancel enemy fighter. Also, we don't want them to be "press the button to wipe the enemy out immediately". For now we see that they work as they should.
  3. I play the same game, regularly, on various ships classes and tiers. Sorry, but I feel you are blowing this out of proportion. Some issues? Sure. NPC mode? Eh, no, and it is not backed by stats either. CV damage increase with player skill is relarively higher than on other classes, but WR increase is lower. CV as a class influence battle outcome less than other classes and much less than they used to. Also, please read about new AA mechanic. Auras deal very consistent damage. They were much more RNG pre rework.

Q: What are the alternative ways for players to acquire the Admiral Kuznetsov captain after the Victory event? Will there be a permanent campaign for Kuznetsov similar to the campaigns for Yamamoto and Halsey? Given that Kuznetsov has abilities that give a significant advantage over a standard captain, if players who miss out on the campaign cannot get him later on, they would be significantly disadvantaged during combat.
A: It's WIP, but according to the current plan, there will be means to get this commander afterwards, however, not immediately after the event. For exactly the reasons you state: we don't want newer players to miss out good content. What it will be (a campaign? an armory item?) - I cannot confirm now.

Q: Has there been any updates regarding linux players getting warnings and potentially banned?, I know you guys aren't officially supporting linux but the game runs perfectly under wine it's just the warning system causing issues since the last update.
A: We're looking into it, but unfortunately, as Linux is NOT officially supported, I cannot give any guarantees. Sorry :(

Q: Is there a possibility of another captain skill rework. I feel that AA skills should be separated from secondary skills currently as both suffer from their meh performance together and their significant investment away from skills that increase survivability and/or captain skills that increase comfortability.
A: Some updates are more than possible in foreseeable future. Complete rework - highly unlikely this year or even beyond.

Q: I know that balancing is cyclical, and that you're actively working on spotting and CV balance in general (thanks!), but my question is on the DD side of the equation: Are you seeing as significant of an affect on DD's as a class since rework as the population of DD mains is claiming?
A: DD popularity has decreased of course (what's interesting quite a few DD players have become very active with CV). It is on acceptable level, and to be honest, I don't think it's something very special. We had a lot of popularity fluctuations over the years - at some point BB were over dominating and cruisers were nearly obsolete, and even before thet DD were on top. Right now the class distribution is okay (cruisers did big comeback btw), and with a few changes to CV, most likely, DD and CV populations will bounce back a bit more (more DD less CV).
As for DD efficiency, it's definitely fine stats-wise, but we fully understand subjective, situational factor. Hence the upcoming changes to HE bombs for example, the already done nerfs to the rockets, etc, etc.
Balance is cynical, but numbers is not the only thing we care about. Sentiment has huge weight too, and the biggest challenge is to balance these things before balancing the ships :-)

Q: Are there plans to introduce similar things for the AP shells ? Say at 5,10 and 15km where applicable ? That would be extremely useful for certain ships in deciding whether to use AP or not.
A: Not a priority, as unfortunately, AP shells loose penetration with distance non linearly, they have different trajectories, hit at different angles, and normalize. We're not fans of adding super hardcore information to the client, which the bulk of playerbase will never use. On the other hand, adding this information in interactive and digestible form so it actually helps players to make decisions, is a big task. A good one, but very costly. So it sits in back log for now.

Q: Do you think that the binary nature of HE penetration is a problem when it comes to balancing skills like IFHE and small-caliber guns, or do you guys think that its fine and you can balance it regardless?
A: I do not comment on leaks and speculations ;) But answering the main part, we think that core mechanics of HE is fine, and with 99% probability any further improvements will be "tweaking the knobs" rather then "2020 year of HE rework".

Q: Has the dev team considered "changing/nerfing" IFHE by buffing the consistency of small caliber AP a small amount (like lower arming threshold, OR slightly better normalization, OR slightly better bounce angles, etc.) in order to create a competitor to IFHE?
A: Yes, along with many other options, but there is no direction that we're firmly believe in just yet.

Q: Are there any new operations in development?
A: Apart from some..interesting special events - no. Our efforts in terms of game modes will be concentrated more on enriching PvP and making cool events this year.

Q: Is there any chance to increase the punishment for afk and bot at asia server? Since the chinese server stopped update and remained at 0.7.3. There are many players from Chinese server moved to Asia server since last year. Bots are everywhere, You can meet at least 1 bot or afk players per team per match. Situation are even worse at low Tier during morning and midnight server time. It is just not fun to play with such numbers of bot and player who fire once every 5 mins.
A: Yes. And not only for Asia. Actually, we're readdressing our system right now to better detect and better suspend the accounts which looks like "bots". Whether they are bots or just zero-effort farm accounts played by 10 ppl, is not relevant - we know they ruin the experience for fair players. So there will be improvements here in the near future.

Q: Are there any plans to introduce a game mode without carriers anytime soon?
A: No (apart from various events, that can be "no CV", "no BB" and "no whatever class, because it's an event").

Q: Any plans on completely rebalancing Graf Zeppelin, now that its biggest weapon --- speed --- has been nerfed 40 knots? Any plans for further AA/CV balance that you can share at the moment?
A: Question 1: no, the speed boost mechanics is being changed globally and systematically. It's not a GZ nerf, it's a global mechanics nerf affecting all CV in the game. In the meantime, GZ retains her individual quality - high speed, with DB and TB planes having 181kt of base speed while other CV at this tier have it in 130ish range. What's more, her DB are being buffed. Better accuracy, more comfortable attack and, what's IMO even more important, higher bomb speed and penetration. The numbers do not seem huge, but in game it can be a difference between penetrating or not penetrating armor deck, especially against higher tier ships. And we all know that citadel hit is very desirable when you use AP bombs. If GZ will be weak after the changes for some reason, she will be improved in some other way - that's a standard workflow.
Question 2: everything we can share ATM is in Dev Blog.

Q: Special commander Kutznetov has a much less specialised (ship reaches <10% HP) special ability activation threshold. This was because Yamamoto and Halsey’s were considered too specific (score a kraken, ect.).
With this in mind, will there be a revision of Halsey and Yamamoto’s special ability threshold?
Is this activation threshold something we could see in future special commanders of other nations?
A: The idea is that we want to try slightly different concept.
Right now we have guys like Doe Brothers (no super talents, improved skills), Epic Yamamoto and Halsey ( improved skills, super rare and super epic talents), and now we want to try Kuznetsov as "less improved skills, less epic, but easier to trigger talents".
Right now we're not 100% sure of the further developments. But if Kuznetsov is successful, I'm pretty sure there will be more commanders like that for other game nations. At the same time Yamamoto and Halsey future in this case is an open question. Should they be reworked, removing their mega epic effect in favor of less good/easier to trigger? Or should we get the alt.versions? Or maybe all 3 types of commanders will co-exist to suits different tastes :-) We will see.

Q: Have you considered making AA rewarding or at least the investment for AA specs less costly?
It requires a substantial investment to specialise any ship for AA, yet there is next to no control.
A: Yes, and that's kinda in the plan. To reward more for AA control and/or AA loadout. Without making ships like Mino into "I evaporate you in a second before you even notice", preferably.

Q: Will the Yueyang ever be rebalanced to account for the unnecessary nerfs a few patches ago?
A: As any other ship, YY can be changed in the future, but we do not consider the nerf "unnecessary", happy with the result, and there is no reverting planned. YY sits firmly in the middle of T10 DD in terms of damage, WR, frags and other stats. At the same time, YY audience skill curve is not special (as opposed to Daring for example), so her relative performance is also fine. She's the least popular T10 DD, but always was like this, and her popularity is still acceptable to us. She used to be OP, now she's OK. Can it be "more OK" (better) while staying within acceptable balance? Yes, as many other ships, too. So we will consider it for the future updates.

  1. Citadels that are small in size and are placed in the stern. In the case of the Enterprise almost none existent.
  2. Automatic fire and flood control damage
  3. High resistance to fire and flooding
  4. The automatic movement control moves the CV in reverse. This has the effect of not exposing a citadel that is already hard to get to.
What is the rationale for these design features?
  1. Citadels in the game are being defined according to a specific set of rules. CV citadels follow this set as well, and their citadel placement has nothing to do with rework. From what I see in game and in stats, they can be easily citadeled in most cases.
  2. Already explained long time ago in DevBlog.
  3. Same.
  4. Same.

Q: When will the Midway and Hakuryu get their Legendary Module back? They got frozen after 0.8.0 and currently cannot be used (although they can be earned).
Personaly I would love to see the Midway get its old jets back from the Closed Beta when the Legendary Upgrade gets mounted. Dont know how it should balanced, but it would be cool to look at nonetheless
A: I'm not 100% sure they will, actually. Because in our plans, we want to readdress the Legendary Mod thing overall. Maybe there will be some other system instead. Or maybe there will be changes. There is no exact decision right now; it may turn out that these mods will appear in some time as a part of current system, or they may be replaced (for all ships) with something completely new. Or these systems will co-exist. Sorry, in all fairness, we don't know ourselves right now :-)

Q: In about another 6-8 months, when it is finally admitted that the CV rework has failed, how will WG attempt to repair the damage done?
A: While "never say never" is true (looks at Halloween subs), we don't have any indication that CV rework is a failure. It has some issues, part of which are still to be resolved, it has some negative constructive feedback, and, sorry to say that, I mean no disrespect, it also has some echo-chamber hatred sentiment, which is not really constructive, too.
As you can guess, no developer is interested in making the game worse, less popular, less enjoyable, etc. WoWS is the result for our effort, it's main career project for most of us, and it's huge part of our lives. From all main audience metrics, overall results of CV rework are good. From balance metrics, CV rework is good. Some players being unhappy or salty is of course NOT good, but:
  1. We're addressing the players concerns, and working on feedback points.
  2. We had the gut to rework the class from scratch, and none of us had pink dreams that CV rework would suit absolutely everyone.
If you disagree, fine, everyone is entitled to own opinion. And I apologize if the game is worse for you as a result of out efforts to make it better. Obviously none of us can be happy about it. But in all honesty, I am not going to admit something I don't believe in, while the full picture looks good and the game is alive and kicking. Even if this sub has turned into CV hate fest for some players, when many positive opinions are actively mocked and downvoted.

Q: My clan is one of the top Naval Battle clans in the world. We set the pre-damage star record with 164 stars and put up 245 last week. We have really enjoyed the game mode and how it brings the clan together.
However, the change to damage from base XP had a HUGE side effect last weekend. A strategy I saw was to div in a co-op game with two other players and have them not fire their guns until the player going for the star gets their damage. This makes what was a fun game mode very boring, especially when more players take advantage of this. Can WG either to go back to base XP or only allow Naval Battles to be done in randoms? Thank you.
A: Feedback appreciated, most likely we will get to XP and think about damage more.

Q: Will there ever be high tier operations It would give me great feels to play operation Ten Go as Yamato/Musashi at Leyte or something with Missouri
A: Unfortunately our current efforts are mostly switched to PvP maps and modes, and to thematic events. For now, we're not able to spend any significant resources on Operations, simply because there are things much bigger chunk of playerbase cares about.

Q: Kinda two questions stuffed in one, but. Will there ever be considered doing a BB line split for RN and KM, for Battlecruisers? Having vessels like HMS Renown would be awesome.
A: There is no reason for not adding new interesting lines, but I am not announcing them on QnA ;)


That went quicker than I thought! As always, I have omitted super obvious questions that result in a "This is confidential" answer. Also: If I have forogotten any important question OR a link is broken, let me know.
Enjoy reading!
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Unofficial Breaking Grounds Robotics FAQ [Frequently updated]

Earlier I asked what questions people would like to see answered in a breaking grounds robotics FAQ. And here it is!
This FAQ will be regularly updated with questions and answers that might pop up later. If you have a question that needs answering, or want to suggest a question and answer that should be in the FAQ please comment below.

Q: Why are my robotic parts are not moving?

A: The most likely culprit is auto-strut, which is known to break robotic parts and invite the kraken. The easiest way is just to disable it.

Q: I disabled Auto-strut but my robotic parts still aren't moving.
A: Some mods are know to mess up the robotic parts. These mods are known to break robotic parts:
More mods will be added to this list as it becomes known that they break robotic parts. Have you found a mod that breaks robotics? Please tell us below in the comments.

Q: Do I need a controller to use the motion of the robotic parts in a simple manner; use a hinge, extend a piston?

A: No you can right click on a part and adjust its target angle manually.

Q: Can I make unpowered hinges?

A: Yes you can. Simply rightclick your hinge to make sure "motorized" is turned off. It will now act as a simple unpowered hinge. This also works for rotors and servos!

Q: How do I assign actiongroups to my robotics parts?

A: For simple actions like extending a piston more/less or spinning a rotor fasteslower you can use the new "Axis groups" where you can bind pitch yaw and roll, the keys used for translation, and some standard action groups. Simply select the key you want to bind. Select your robotic part and bind the action you want to use. (For hinges, pistons and rotation servos this will usually be "Target angle").
By default keys bound in the "axis group" will be on what is called "Incremental control" Which means that the target angle, or in the case of rotors torque, will increase or decrease based on how long you hold the key. You can turn this off by clicking the little square icon in the "Group actions" tab found in the actiongroup menu. This will turn the action group into a binary on/off.
For more complex actions, or actions that you want to also reverse like you do with solar panels. You will need to use the KAL-1000 controller. For every action group you want to assign to one or more robotic part you will need a separate KAL-1000 controller. To add a part to the controller you need to go to your action groups, select the KAL-1000 controller you want to use and then click the part and the action you want to use (for pistons, hinges and rotation servos this will almost always be "target angle"). Then right clicking the KAL-1000 controller will allow you to open its track editor where you can choose how much the hinge will angle over a desired amount of time. You do this by setting keyframes and dragging them up or down, or by manually setting an amount in the bottom right. You can also change the time of the entire track on the top right, or change the time of just one part on the bottom right.
After you have done this you can click "play" in the editor or by right clicking the KAL-1000. And the hinges will change the angles as you have selected. Lastly you will have to bind this "play" menu option to a keybind of you choosing in the actiongroup menu. You should also add the option that reverses the direction it is played in so that pressing the action group again will move your robotic parts in reverse so you can extend and retract like you would with solar panels.
You can see all of this in action in squad's funky video:
In here the movements created are very complex but for most purposes you can just take the last keyframe, put it at the angle you want, press play, and reverse it again to retract.

Q: Why does my plane/drone spin uncontrollably?

A: Rotors generate a huge amount of torque (Force) on your craft which will cause it to spin. To fix this you will have to offset this force by adding a rotor that is spinning in the opposite direction. For single prop planes you will have to stack this inside the other prop. For planes with an even amount of props you simply have to make the rotors on one side of the plane spin the opposite direction as the ones on the other side. You can do this by richtclicking the propellers and clicking "Invert direction".
For quadcopters (Drones) if you built it with symmetry on, halve of the rotors will be generating force in the wrong direction. You can fix this by richtclicking the parts that are generating force in the wrong direction and clicking "Invert direction". This will also make it offset the torque generated by the other rotors making your quadcopter stable.
Q: I dont see reverse direction anywhere...
A: Go to your KSP settings, scroll down and find "Advanced tweakables" Make sure this is on.

Q: Do I need to start a new save to have the new breaking grounds surface features?

A: Nope, although normally they should not spawn in existing saves. You can add them to your save really easily by editing your save file.
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Why I think certain features are gone and why YouTube is actually doing everything correctly.

So, since the inception of YouTube, YouTube has removed a lot of features and that is not a bad thing in itself but they did not only remove features that were not being used they just removed features for whatever reason.
Sure some of those features were removed because of legitimate reasons but some on the other hand not really.
One of the most bizarre changes that I cannot understand is the removal of the “One account per UserName”-rule. If you remember, back in the days, only one YouTube channel could have the name PewDiePie for example. Now you have a million of those, even my channel name is not unique. There are a bunch of Carl Lucases out there and while I am not bothered by that I can’t really understand why that was changed.
One of the reasons I can imagine that lead to these changes is big corporations. Imagine you are a company like Disney. “Fuck Disney btw”. Like Disney, you want to have the most squeaky clean image as possible. Now imagine a random user though it would be funny to call themselves Disney and upload videos showing everyone how they are the worst company on earth. “Link in TL;DR”. To avoid that YouTube would need to ban the person first, remove their account and then give Disney the green light for the name.
These are just assumptions and while it is fun to think about this stuff, the real reason is probably a different one but that one rule change is really bizarre.
From a fun, haha, thing to a more technical thing. Star Ratings. If anyone can remember star ratings were a thing in the past.
First I will try to explain why Star Ratings are superior to Upvotes and than I will completely dismantle my own argument by showing you that Upvotes are just easier to handle and actually the correct decision from YouTube.
Stars are superior in one specific way. They allow users to give a more granular rating towards the medium that they are consuming. How often have you seen a video where you just feel like it was okay but not super good or it was bad but not horrendous? I bet it happened many times. With stars, it would be really simple to express those feelings.
Unfortunately, most humans don’t care. You, watching this video, probably do care to a certain extent but most users don’t. So why use a more nuanced system when a simple system could work just as well? Also thumbs Up and Thumbs Down are more polarizing than stars because it is a binary choice compared to a multilayered choice. It requires no thinking time, it is quick and snappy, you can click on it and move on.
My assumption is that this decision was made because YouTube had technical data that showed that most people just use either 5 stars or 1 star, on average meaning that a change to a thumbs up and down would not really mean anything. And while I think that was the correct choice from a business perspective it was the absolute worst choice when it comes to user experience and user education.
Just because most people are not using the rating 2 to 4 that often doesn’t mean that it is not being used and I think with time users would get used to the idea of rating the content that they are viewing with more nuance.
Last but not least I want to talk about “fully customizable pages”. Again if you guys remember, as a YouTuber, you could customize your whole page and not only your banner and profile picture.
As soon as you accessed someone one's channel you felt like you were entering their domain. People could express their creativity in many ways and people came up with some great ideas. One of the most simplistic and most impressive pages were probably the old Smosh pages.
It had this ingenious cardboard background and it was just so aesthetically pleasing.
I don’t really know why they got rid of this feature but I assume it was because again most people weren’t really using it and so they made the correct business decision and got rid of it but again just because most people weren’t using it, it doesn’t mean that people would not use in the future.
There are a bunch of other features that probably got shafted because of legitimate business reasons. For example, Instant messaging, Friends, Groups and Video Responses were most likely killed because they were being abused constantly.
Other features just changed places. Something like Channel comments was replaced by something like discussions or the About-Sidebar were replaced by the About-Tab.
These changes, of course, didn’t happen overnight they happened over time. They were gradually introduced so that people would get used to the idea of the new design and forget about the old design. So even if the changes received backlash at the time, there isn’t a big enough movement to bring this old stuff back because people got used to it.
My whole point here is that they probably got rid of those features because they had some technical data on it that showed that changing it would mean nothing.
They got rid of feature A because nobody was using A. They got rid of feature B because it was being abused. They got rid of feature C because it was taxing on their servers and I get it. At the end of the day, they are a business and a business has to make money and if changes to the site are going to bring more money or cut costs than you should make those changes.
What we all have to accept is that those changes make the site more appealing to the general public. It makes the site looks nice but boring, clean but almost bleached out, engaging but not personal.
The “You” in YouTube has taken a backseat for a while now and while there is still a lot of personality in channels. The site itself should be called “CorparteTube”.
So, let’s talk about New YouTube but first I have a question to YouTubers and viewers: “Can anybody identify with the site? Do you feel like you're part of a big family or you are just a guest in a fancy hotel?” I am really interested. I would like to know the answer in the comments or on the poll that is probably shown on screen.
Anyways I certainly can’t. YouTube to me looks like any other corporate site I visited for the past decade and as a viewer, I feel highly limited.
Let’s take for example the search function. If I search for a topic I am really limited in my search options. Let’s say I want to search for the topic of video responses. If I do that I can sort for Last hour, Today, This week, This month and This year. What if I want to see the first video? Well, can’t do that. I can sort by Upload Data but that goes from new to old and there is no way to turn it around.
You know but that is also a feature that is not being used that much so obviously YouTube would have no interest in implementing something that would help viewers and creators when they are searching for something specific.
Another thing that I as a viewer find annoying is my own comments. Every now and I again I might want to look a comment I made on a video because I want to remember something specific about a certain video. Guess what? It is impossible to find your own comment under a video if it was not the first comment or the most upvoted comment.
And again this is probably a feature that most people don’t care so YouTube would have no interest in implementing sure a feature.
I have many more complaints or annoyances but one last one that I want to talk about is discoverability.
For anyone starting YouTube right now, they will probably notice that it is fairly difficult to get anyone to watch your videos. And yes, some of the reasons why you are not being watched is because the video quality, sound quality, and script quality sucks but since there is enough trash out there that has a constant influx of people watching and they constantly land on the trending page those are not the only reasons.
Have you ever been suggested a video with let’s say 50 views? Probably not. Have you ever been suggested a channel with 50 subs? Probably not. I am an avid YouTube viewer and even for me it’s hard to find new content creators since there basically no explore features on the site but again most people probably don’t care and therefore YouTube has no interest in implementing a discoverability feature.
Good, enough from the viewer side of things because probably every suggestion I have, will end with me saying YouTube has no interest in implementing such a feature because most people don’t care. At the end of the day, YouTube is not about You and it is not about Broadcast Yourself. It’s about how many eyeballs can you keep on the site.
Now from a YouTuber perspective. I have been doing this for a year now and I think I have uploaded weekly with a full-time job.
Since I am not yet partnered I don’t have to censor myself but through the years I have noticed that even the words fuck, cunt and ass have slowly been vanishing from YouTube. Of course, the reason being that advertisers have a very idiotic view of the world and they think that if their add is shown before or after someone says a bad no no word the brand could be damaged or so the official statement goes.
Of course, the whole damaging the brand with bad no no words, is not true because ads have been rolling after violent and vulgar movies for decades and nothing has happened so far.
A lot of people credit PewDiePie as the bringer of the first Adpocalypse but that most likely is not true. Advertisers certainly used that event as a scapegoat but it was just business. Most likely advertisers wanted a better deal and said: “Well, because of this random event we are pulling our adds.”. YouTube itself could have held their ground once advertisers started pulling out and said: “Where the fuck do you want to advertise? We are one of the biggest websites on earth?”
Unfortunately, they caved in because probably managers with very short sight could not see that the loss that they made in those few months would lead to more profit and stability in the future. Now every time and advertiser wants a better deal, a mainstream journalist outlet writes a hit piece about a YouTube channel or YouTube videos, advertisers pull out, YouTube has to cave in even more and most likely in the process YouTubers and viewers lose a bunch of value and features and freedom.
So, you could say that censorship is a direct consequence of YouTube managers not knowing what amount of power the sites hold and having only short term profit in mind.
Which leads us to our next point.Ignorance, Incompetence, and Transparency.
YouTube through the years has made many changes to their automated systems and to their guidelines.
What is more commonly the algorithm, does not really exist. Instead what exists is a bunch of systems that work together to keep the site clean and keep viewers engaged with the site.
For example for YouTube to be able to get rid of videos that they don’t want on their website there is a bot that goes through the video and gets only the spoken word and translates that into a language a machine can understand.
Then there is probably another bot that goes through the footage and tries to recognize what is being shown in the video.
On top of that, there is another bot that goes through the information of the title, description, and tags.
Those bots feed on the other hand a process that has most likely been thought to decide in a certain way. This process is the most appropriate to be called the algorithm and this process is not something static. It is something that is constantly learning the more data it consumes. Unfortunately, this process is not smart. It is probably highly complex and it would inappropriate for me to call the people that developed those processes incompetent but the people that are responsible for the use of these systems are probably incompetent and ignorant.
To explain what I mean I would like to take the example of the tag “cp”. So “cp” in the Pokemon world stands for combat power but in the more dark corners of the internet, cp stands for child pornography.
Matt Wattson, the guy that encouraged the second adpocalypse, found out that creepy people were commenting on videos with children in them. YouTube was quick to act and wanted to ban as much content that could be considered child pornography. They probably trained their bot to ban or remove everything that could be considered child pornography including the tag “cp” which lead to Pokemon YouTubers getting their videos or even channels removed.
Now every technical lead would tell you that trying to train an algorithm in a short period of time with no idea whatsoever what you actually want to reach at the end of it is completely stupid but most of the time technical leads are not those who make decisions.
What I assume happened is that the marketing department was catching on fire and because of the situation and since YouTube had caved for the first time, they feared that advertisers would jump ship again. To combat that, some mid or even high-level managers, who had no clue how difficult it would be to hit the videos that they actually wanted to hit, decided to release the Kraken with no regard to the damage it could cause.
Along with this nightmarish creature, YouTube also wanted to update their policies making YouTubers responsible for their comment section which funny enough was the first time that I experienced a feature been rolled back because of the backlash.
Also during this whole time, YouTube was opaque as they could be. Not communicating with YouTubes or views what was happening or where they wanted to go from there.
And yet I think that was probably the best decision YouTube made.
“Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?”
Yup, keeping their mouths shut, not communicating with viewers or YouTubers and pushing forward disregarding User input is probably their best way to go because you have to understand YouTube has long not been “Broadcast Yourself”. For a quite amount of time, it has been “Make us money” because we are the employees and YouTube is an abusive boss and you know what the product is? It’s not the videos. It’s the viewers.
The actual YouTube customers are advertisers. YouTube doesn’t really listen to YouTubers because well they don’t need to. As long as advertisers are happy everything will okay for them. Business-wise it makes no sense to keep YouTubers happy because where do you want to go? BitChute, Library, Vimeo, DailyMotion. Yeah, we have another case of Monopoly here. Last week it was Disney “Link in the Description” this week it is YouTube. What will be next week?
So now that I explained what I think is wrong with YouTube and dismantled my own argument by constantly providing evidence that YouTube is actually doing everything correctly where do we go?
Well, I see two different solutions.
Solution number one: “We all find a competitor that provides us with better customer service as a viewer or as a YouTuber.”
Solution number two: “We all finally acknowledge that YouTube is our boss and we are basically working for an abusive employer and found a union.”
Solution number one is most likely never going to happen since Google has a very tight grip on the internet and solution number two is most likely not going to happen because the two people that could actually found a union that would hold any amount of power are not interested in that idea. Those people being PewDiePie, obviously, I am not joking here, Ryan's Toy Review.
Also founding a union has to be executed like Blitzkrieg. One day everything is fine the other day. Every YouTuber is part of the union and representatives are at YouTube HQ with a list of demands already drafted out.
TL;DR: You can watch the two videos I made. One about Disney, their Monopoly, and Copyright and the video about YouTube where the title is actually a little bit misleading.
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    1. Church Of Monero: Enough is enough - How the leader of the Church tried to fool the community to make look like the Church is organizing the Monero Konferenco and even adding his own Monero address on the flyer (166 points, 268 comments)
    2. [URGENT]Call for translators! - We have two days to submit as many translations as possible for the next release of the GUI wallet! We need your help! (123 points, 46 comments)
    3. Monero translators, we need you to make one final sprint! The code freeze is imminent. (112 points, 15 comments)
    4. 2 new projects joined the Monero Ecosystem! MoneroBox, a plug-and-play, zero-configuration Monero full node and Monero-Javascript, Monero wallet and daemon JavaScript API (107 points, 12 comments)
    5. PSA: We've posted an announcement regarding the potentially compromised CLI binaries on (101 points, 47 comments)
    6. New language for Monerujo: Esperanto! Will be available in next release (97 points, 6 comments)
    7. Monero Python - A comprehensive Python module for handling Monero cryptocurrency, has officially joined the Monero Ecosystem Project! (94 points, 12 comments)
    8. is now available in German! (89 points, 16 comments)
    9. updated: New user friendly download page, Welcome video in Brazilian Portuguese, 5 new merchants accepting Monero and more (76 points, 12 comments)
    10. My last proposal as coordinator of the Localization Workgroup has ended. A recap, some updates, plans for the future of the internationalization of Monero and a huge thanks (73 points, 22 comments)
  5. 1257 points, 14 submissions: xmrhaelan
    1. A response to the Reuters article about Monero (183 points, 28 comments)
    2. CoinDesk research shows Monero is #4 by Reddit post volume community metrics. Kudos to you all! (172 points, 57 comments)
    3. A response to Coinbase regarding their criticism of Monero’s approach to PoW security (171 points, 91 comments)
    4. Graphic idea for Boron Butterfly release, courtesy of Monero Outreach (170 points, 36 comments)
    5. PSA: Seeking Volunteer Reviewers for PoW RandomX (104 points, 55 comments)
    6. PSA: Mine Monero to Support the Network (77 points, 80 comments)
    7. Looking for ways to help, volunteer, or contribute to the Monero community? Look no further! (70 points, 20 comments)
    8. SWOT Analysis of Monero [draft] (59 points, 35 comments)
    9. Monero Konferenco Press Release (55 points, 9 comments)
    10. A Simplified Guide to Monero Wallets, from Monero Outreach (40 points, 9 comments)
  6. 1220 points, 9 submissions: geonic_
    1. Monero is second only to Bitcoin in terms of number of commits for the past 4 years! (269 points, 59 comments)
    2. Joe Weisenthal (Bloomberg): Until true anonymity (or near anonymity) is developed into Bitcoin, it's still incomplete, and not delivering on its promise. Without anonymity, there's no censorship resistance, and no store of value. (173 points, 38 comments)
    3. Nick Szabo puts Monero on an equal footing with Bitcoin: “deeply safe Bitcoin & Monero” (170 points, 41 comments)
    4. Chainalysis: Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency accepted on dark markets, followed by Monero. Dark web spending to reach $1B this year. (150 points, 39 comments)
    5. BTC maximalist QOTD: “If you send me bitcoin, I would prefer if you used coinjoin first. I would prefer to not know the history of your sats. Don't put that liability on me. Thanks.” (142 points, 45 comments)
    6. Peter Todd wishes Bitcoin had perpetual inflation -- 2140 is much closer than you think (101 points, 89 comments)
    7. nopara73, creator of Wasabi Wallet: "Compared to privacy coins Wasabi is just a temporary hack. I think without Confidential Transactions, as the transaction fees grow, privacy will be priced out of Bitcoin's main chain." (95 points, 48 comments)
    8. Scott Stornetta, inventor of the first blockchain: “When I first read the Bitcoin white paper I thought [...] there’s no privacy at all here! What you’ve got is a completely traceable record of what’s going on.” @12:00 (68 points, 17 comments)
    9. Let's discuss: is Monero a privacy tool (i.e. Tor, CoinJoin, etc.) or a secure layer one protocol (https)? how aligned is it with Bitcoin ideologically (consider current vs original Bitcoin ideology)? is Monero's blockchain a temporary solution? (52 points, 27 comments)
  7. 1186 points, 12 submissions: hyc_symas
    1. RandomX Audit Status (148 points, 29 comments)
    2. RandomX Status Update (134 points, 82 comments)
    3. RandomX Audit Status - Final (130 points, 54 comments)
    4. RandomX Audit Status (116 points, 9 comments)
    5. RandomX Audit Status (110 points, 24 comments)
    6. RandomX testnet (99 points, 23 comments)
    7. Blockchain Growth stats (87 points, 26 comments)
    8. RandomX Auditor Selection (86 points, 47 comments)
    9. CCS: RandomX Audit now in Funding Required (78 points, 45 comments)
    10. RandomX Audit Funding Request (76 points, 14 comments)
  8. 1171 points, 13 submissions: Thunderosa
    1. Blend in the Crowd with Carbon Chamaeleon v0.15.0.0 (161 points, 25 comments)
    2. @monero Twitter banner (141 points, 25 comments)
    3. A little Christmas card for my favorite freaks. Happy Holidays! (136 points, 4 comments)
    4. Boron Butterfly ASCII (117 points, 23 comments)
    5. Monero Torch (111 points, 73 comments)
    6. Konferenco funding! (105 points, 19 comments)
    7. supportxmr-gui Update - Twice the features, half the size. All vanilla. (98 points, 15 comments)
    8. Happy 5th (70 points, 16 comments)
    9. Explore the expert speakers and important topics of Monero Konferenco 2019! (57 points, 11 comments)
    10. RandomX - Monero and Arweave to Validate New Proof-of-Work Algorithm (52 points, 12 comments)
  9. 1129 points, 14 submissions: pinkphloid
    1. [NEWS] CAKE WALLET for Monero has crossed 20,000 unique installs on iOS. (123 points, 69 comments)
    2. [PUBLIC BETA] Cake Wallet for Monero is now available on Android! (104 points, 48 comments)
    3. Going to the Monero Konferenco? Don’t miss MoneroTalk’s party Saturday night Casa De Monero! It’s THE party of the weekend! (99 points, 13 comments)
    4. [UPDATE] Cake Wallet version 3.1.7, now with Address book, Back-up to iCloud and other locations, and BCH is back in the exchange! (92 points, 70 comments)
    5. [UPDATE] Cake Wallet version 3.1.17 with Hidden balance mode plus other new useful features! (90 points, 16 comments)
    6. Cake Wallet is hiring! (88 points, 14 comments)
    7. If you like using Cake Wallet, please vote! Thank you 🙏🏼🙏🏼 (87 points, 20 comments)
    8. NYC Monero meetup featuring guest speaker Justin Ehrenhofer of XMR Community Work Group. - by Cake Wallet and Monero Talk (82 points, 10 comments)
    9. [UPDATE] Cake Wallet - Version 3.1.20 Black Forest Cake Edition (73 points, 23 comments)
    10. Cake Wallet (small news) - we have acquired the domain! (67 points, 16 comments)
  10. 1054 points, 13 submissions: jman76358
    1. Monero receives A rating (194 points, 43 comments)
    2. Exodus Wallet now supports Monero (128 points, 38 comments)
    3. I tell a lot of people about Monero who don't know anything about crypto and they instantly get it. They ask me the same thing over and over, so why do people still use Bitcoin? (127 points, 119 comments)
    4. How trustyworthy is the Cake wallet for iOS? (80 points, 43 comments)
    5. Why don't other coin devs like talking about fungibility? They seem to shrug it off even though it's a necessary component to being a currency. (77 points, 85 comments)
    6. Any idea what's going on with the Official Monero Twitter page? (67 points, 33 comments)
    7. Should Quantum Resistance research for XMR be started soon? I would love to see what the great minds of the dev community could come up with ! (64 points, 55 comments)
    8. The End of Mainstream Privacy is Upon Us (62 points, 28 comments)
    9. Non-KYC exchanges coming to an end, even for small amounts. DEX with Monero as main coin when? (57 points, 18 comments)
    10. I find it funny that people think the gov doesn’t want people to use bitcoin, trust me , they’re estatic that people want to voluntarily be tracked and surveilled. (55 points, 45 comments)

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  6. Art by me by nikitko13 (328 points, 58 comments)
  7. Analysis: More than 85% of the current Monero Hashrate is ASICs and each machine is doing 128 kh/s by MoneroCrusher (324 points, 427 comments)
  8. Hi guys, long time no see 😁 this is what I do when not painting. Tools are printed on 3D printer. by cryptopaintings (322 points, 47 comments)
  9. Alright everybody pack it up. US Attorney General says encryption creates a security risk; if your wallet requires a password to unlock, you're doing acts that are used by terrorists, and it's time to stop. by OsrsNeedsF2P (317 points, 56 comments)
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